Sales & Sales Strategy

We can aid you in performing warm or cold calls, or adapting a sales strategy to align your companies’ goals to those of your sales team to increase your pipeline, generate additional sales and achieve the close

Business Development

Allow us to set the bar high and come up with the plan to hit or exceed the goals for your business to promote growth and increase revenue

Project Management

Short-term or long-term, MARJAQ can take the lead in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects

We can be the project leads or adapt a plan to aid your team in following through to completion


Creating a strategy for promoting and selling your products or services to attract a broader customer base


Vetting and selecting company partners who can aid in an organization’s day to day operations

Warehousing & Logistics

Creating a process for better inventory flow and date management to increase fulfillment times


Acquiring goods or services an organization needs to operate by considering price, quality and availability


Increasing accuracy and timing on receiving, pick and pack and shipping products for customer satisfaction

Supply Chain

Assessing better flow to a company’s delivering of source materials all the way to end user enhancement

Demand Planning

Effectively forecast either product or service specific needs for end user satisfaction

Financial Analysis

Determining the profitability of finance related transactions by examining a company’s performance


Creating the company’s specific structure of budgets either overall or for individual departments/projects


Aiding in the ability to better understand your business using mathematics and statistics, either on a large scale or for individual projects

Team Leadership & Team Building

Creating better leaders for a more cohesive and productive team, departments and company. Acquiring the right people in the right positions to foster more productivity